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API Algaefix Marine 16oz

API Algaefix Marine 16oz


Item #: AP1935

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API Algaefix Marine 16oz

API Marine Algaefix controls many types of algae growth in marine (saltwater) and reef aquariums, including Green algae, “Red Slime,” and “Brown Algae” in aquariums containing live corals, invertebrates, and fish. Algaefix will not discolor water or cause foaming. It is an EPA registered product and will not harm any live element of your saltwater or reef aquarium.

  • For use in saltwater systems
  • Controls Green algae, “Red Slime,” “Brown Algae”, and more
  • Does not discolor water or cause foaming
  • EPA registered-- will not harm any live element of your saltwater or reef aquarium

  • Add 1ml for each 10 gallons or 5 ml for each 50 gallons of aquarium water
  • 4 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps
  • Use weekly to control algae growth, as part of regular care to reduce aquarium maintenance

Manufacturer information

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Supplies
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API) has been helping people take good care of ornamental fish for over 40 years. Their research and development scientists have advanced the care of fish with all-natural medications, stable bacteria for biological filtration, one-bottle test kits, consumer-friendly dosing caps and much more. They’ve received over 25 global patents for their breakthrough innovations in the aquatics industry. And they continue to look for ways to improve the fishkeeping experience for hobbyists. Research. Experience. Dedication to scientific, quality treatment for healthy fish. It’s what makes API the first choice of aquarium owners. API manufactures and sells hundreds of products across many different product categories, including aquarium and pond treatments, aquarium equipment, aquariums and fish nutrition.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
July 11, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Brown Algae

Pros: will get rid of diffacult algae

Cons: Do not use at full strength.

I had brown in my saltwater tank. I have been using algaefix Marine for 2 weeks now and the algae is gone. I used half the strength it states to use. I also took 5 gallons of water out of my aquarium, then I mixed 5 gallons saltwater and put the dose in with it so that the fish did not get the dose directly in the aquarium. It works great. Do not use at full strength.

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Reviewed on
June 08, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

API Algaefix Marine!

Pros: Quick and effective results. Reef Safe.

I've used this product and has helped me control algage in my own tanks. Algae problems are frequently related to excess of nutrients or light, so it is important to determine the source of the problem and make the necessary adjustments. I recommend using Algaefix to quickly eliminate the algae from the tank and then by eliminating the source of extra nutrients or excess of light the algae is not going to continue growing. Other methods may be required to prevent algae from growing back such as using GFO in a Media reactor to reduce Phosphate Levels.

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