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Aqua UV Mounting Bracket

Aqua UV Mounting Bracket


Item #: AV3611

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Aqua UV Mounting Bracket

Manufacturer information

Aqua Ultraviolet Aquarium Supplies
Aqua Ultraviolet, founded in 1975, is a popular manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. All Aqua Ultraviolet (also referred to as Aqua UV) products are created, tested and manufactured in their Temecula, CA headquarters. By creating all of their products in-house, Aqua Ultraviolet can perform thorough quality control and even engineer custom designs for special orders. The customer-centric company has a toll-free number with a friendly support staff willing to help you choose the right products and walk you through the installation process. Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV sterilizers are popular among freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists in addition to pond and water gardeners.

3 Stars


Reviewed on
March 01, 2021

No, I would not recommend this.

Worse purchase I’ve made since starting my new 365G reef tank

Pros: None

Cons: Incredibly poor design, no hardware include, no instructions and breaks easy

If I could figure out how to give this product zero stars I would! After I received this product I discovered that it comes with no mounting instructions nor any hardware to install the mount. I am completely baffled how Marine Depot is willing to sell this product knowing that people are going to be using this on their expensive Aqua UV light. In my case this was going to be used with my Aqua Classic 57.

My first task was to figure out how to drill a hole in this mount to attach it to my wall. I determine that drilling a small tap hole on the back side of the mount was really my only option. The problem is that to drill a hole in the back side of the mount you have to spread open the latches (which is quite difficult) and then get a drill between the latches to drill the hole. So imagine you are trying to hold the latches open while at the same time trying to drill a straight hole. I decided to use a 8 x 1. 1/4” wood screw and once again had the same problem screwing the mount on the wall as I did drilling the hole. You have to spread open the latches while at the same time keep the mount in place while screwing it in the place - you literally need three-hands to perform this task. Because you have to put so much pressure to keep the latches spread apart while drilling and affixing to the wall that one of the latches became fatigued and broke. To say the least I was so so frustrated. I’ve included a picture of the broken mount.

I then got in my car and went over to our local ACE Hardware store and found a mounting bracket that worked perfect for under $3.00. I’ve included a pic of the mount from my local hardware store.

Avoid this mount and pick one-up at your local hardware store.

I now have to go through the process of returning the mounts to Marine Depot. Hopefully this will be a hassle-free experience. We’ll see.......

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Reviewed on
April 08, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works perfect

Pros: It works as intended, easily installed, strong.

Cons: They should include two in a package - why in the world would you want to buy one only!

What can I say about the product - it worked as designed and works perfectly.

What is funny is that people here are complaining that you have to drill a hole! No... you don't! Maybe it's just these people need explicit instructions for EVERYTHING in life, but if you look at it and use a little common-sense, you'll soon realize that the slots in the back are what you put the screws through. The slots are offset and a little deeper than the other, which allows the screws to be in the center - use a small flat washer and presto! It holds great.

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Reviewed on
May 07, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Work great BUT!

The brackets are real nice and fit great but they need to Include some hardware - example TWO SCREWS would of been nice for the amount of money the pair were.. I had to drill a hole in the middle part of the clamp to screw into my stand. It worked out great but just had to put a little extra time into making these clamps work out...

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jeffrey robinson

Reviewed on
February 29, 2012

No, I would not recommend this.

Bad design

I had to return this bracket. Notice that there is no hole to run a screw threw to secure it to the inside of your cabinet. Remember bulbs if bumped can break and they are not cheap. poor design.

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reef madness

Reviewed on
August 03, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great product

Easy to use, saves space and way better compared to homemade brackets.

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mark moeller

Reviewed on
March 31, 2010

Yes, I would recommend this.


OMG! This the best Aqua UV Mounting bracket ever!!! I mounted my Aqua UV with it and I liked it so much that I bought another one so it wouldn't be lonely. (1 for each side of the UV). Then, I turned off the TV and my whole family stared at it in awe for almost and hour in disbelief of its awesomeness. But seriously, for what I paid for this piece of PVC with a lightbulb in it, Aqua UV should have included (2) of them with the unit. It's not like you can mount it without some sort of brackets. This bracket isn't even that good of a design. It doesn't have actual holes in the unit, so mounting it is not secure. You need 4 screws in each of 2 brackets, and they need to be tight. Eight careful screws on the underside of my 72 gal tank moving towards the glass got me pretty annoyed. And these brackets aren't very good. There should have been (2) of them, and they should already be attached so they can be installed easily. If you are looking for this part, then you've been ripped off enough already. GO TO THE HARDWARE STORE. You can do better than this for mere pennies. If you insist on wasting your money, then be sure to get (2) of these.

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chris jones

Reviewed on
November 02, 2008

No, I would not recommend this.

Baffling bracket

I love the Aqua UV sterilizer that I purchased, but I have to say that I'm baffled about how the bracket is supposed to ease installation. There is no mounting hardware included, no screw holes in the bracket, and the shape makes it somewhat difficult to add your own mount points. It does fit the UV sterilizer just fine and seems to hold on to it pretty well once you figure out a way to mount the bracket where you want it.

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n arismendi

Reviewed on
April 06, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.


Allows you to place your UV filter where it is out of the way. Space saving was my intent and it did just that. I was able to hang my filter from the top of my cabinet and get it out of the way of my sump. Easy to install. You will need to provide your own screws to attach to your cabinet, small price to pay for the benefits it will provide.

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Reviewed on
February 05, 2008

No, I would not recommend this.

You're kidding....

What kind of a product is this? No holes to mount the bracket?

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