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Aquaforest NitraPhos Minus for Nitrate, Nitrite and Phosphate Removal - 200ml

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Aquaforest NitraPhos Minus - Remove Nitrate, Nitrite and Phosphate 200ml

Aquaforest`s NitraPhos Minus biologically removes excess nitrates, nitrites, and phosphates from your aquarium. This formula uniquely eliminates these compounds by activating the metabolism of bacteria responsible for the management and removal of excess nutrients. Thanks to the special composition of multiple forms of organic carbon, amino acids, and vitamins; all biochemical changes occur without any issues and bacteria easily absorb compounds to convert them into biomass. That biomass then becomes a valuable food source for corals, while any excess is removed from the water via a filter or skimmer. This biological control of excess nutrients helps to balance your aquarium, preventing the growth of undesirable algae and cyanobacteria while improving the coloration and growth of your clams and corals.


  • Effectively removes excess nitrate & phosphate
  • Brings chemical balance
  • Quickly reduces undesired algae
  • Boosts coral coloration & growth
  • Ideal for soft corals, clams, lps corals, and sps corals
  • Available in two sizes: 200ml and 2000ml
It is recommended  to monitor your tank`s concentration of NO3 and PO4 1-2x per week. The recommended daily dosage is shown below:

Concentration of MO3 / PO4 (mg/l) Daily Dose (ml/100l) [27 US gal]
NO3 > 10 ppm & PO4 > 0.2 ppm 3*
NO3 2-10 ppm & PO4 0.1-0.2 ppm 2-2.5*
NO3 < 2 ppm & PO4 > 0.03 ppm 1.5*
NO3 < 2 ppm & PO4 < 0.03 ppm 1*
*Aquaforest advises starting with half of the recommended dose.

Important Notes:
  • This product should not be combined with similar methods and formulas
  • May be used with Pro Bio S to increase effectiveness
  • When using adsorbers such as Phosphate Minus, Carbon, and Zeo Mix it is recommended to monitor changes and adjust doses according to the level of  nutrients present. This is due to their high absorptive capacity that may reduce the effectiveness of the product when used incorrectly
  • Use of AF Vitality and AF Amino Mix is recommended with this product
  • It is recommended to run a protein skimmer while using NitraPhos Minus

Manufacturer information

Aquaforest got its start in 1995 manufacturing substrates and aquatic plant fertilizers for zoos, aquariums, and professional plant farms. They soon expanded into farming their own aquatic plants, fish & corals, and invested heavily into research for developing their own sea salt, foods, and supplements to maintain those farms. Aquaforest’s products became available for retail in 2011 after many years of honing and perfecting their craft. The entire range – including test kits, supplements, salts, foods, and more-- has gained significant attention from marine aquarists worldwide.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
September 01, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

New product

Just started using this product but it is doing a great job at maintains nitrate and phosphate. I am currently using it along with aquaforest Pro Bio’s.

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