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AquaFX Chloramine Blaster Upgrade Kit

AquaFX Chloramine Blaster Upgrade Kit


Item #: 5V92472

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AquaFX Chloramine Blaster Upgrade Kit

A standard carbon block works well to remove chlorine, however, more and more municipalities are adding ammonia to the water treatment processes to stabilize the chlorine from releasing harmful by-products into the water. As you may know, ammonia is toxic. The AquaFX chloramine blaster carbon is a high grade carbon with properties that remove chloramine from water supplies.

The AquaFX NH2CL (Chloramine) Blaster upgrade kit, will remove the chlorine + ammonia (also known as chloramines) before passing through the reverse osmosis membrane, therefore extending the life of your membranes and deionization (DI) filters. AquaFX`s NH2CL Blaster filters also have a longer life span then the standard carbon block.

The NH2CL (Chloramine) blaster works effectively only when run in series to allow enough contact time with the water, which is why an extra canister is provided.

To install this upgrade:
  • transfer your first sediment filter into the single canister provided
  • Discard your current carbon block, and place the 2 NH2CL Filters in the 2 empty canisters on your system.
  • Use the provided tube to connect the single canister with sediment filter to the beginning of your system
  • Connect the feed line to the sediment filter.

Manufacturer information

AquaFx manufactures water treatment systems in the USA in Winter Park, FL. They maintain a shop that puts Americans to work! They build some of the finest reverse osmosis systems we have seen along with a plethora of useful upgrades and replacement parts. They have over 45 years of water treatment engineering experience to help you produce pollutant-free water for your freshwater (RO) or saltwater (RO/DI) aquarium.

4 Stars

jason knight

Reviewed on
February 15, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Be Careful With the Fittings

The canister is taller than the ones on my Vertex RODI so I can't attach it to the unit (I keep it under my kitchen sink and have to put it on the counter to plug it in) and have to disconnect it afterwards. I didn't try testing my water prior to installing it either but after doing so and letting it run for 10 min, I tested using the chlorine test strips I also bought and it was 0. My city uses chloramines so I guess it's working...lol. Also, be VERY careful when screwing the quick connect fittings. The first one I screwed in snapped off at the threads and it was a pita to get it out. I went to Menards and bought 2 more for less than $5 and it was a good thing I did because the first one I screwed in snapped off again. Overall, I guess I'm satisfied with it but because of what I stated above, I gave it 4 stars.

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