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AquaFX Clear Refillable 10-Inch Cartridge for DI Resin or Carbon

Item #: 5V27923

We no longer carry this item

AquaFX Clear Refillable 10-Inch Cartridge

Ideal replacement for DI Resin, Carbon, and other media used for the water purification process. Fits standard 10" cartridge housing - Designed for upflow applications to ensure the longest possible exposure time. Twist-On Cap with Fine Filter insert and Sponge to prevent filter media flow out. Rubber gasket ensures tight fit and prevents leaks. The AquaFX cartridge is made from a food safe polypropylene to insure no contaminants reach the product water.

Cartridge Size: 10" x 2.5"

Instructions for Refilling DI Resin: 

1) Unscrew the cartridge cap and remove the foam ring.
2) Pour the new DI resin into the cartridge and pack it down as hard as possible.
3) Tapping the cartridge on a table will help settle the resin.
4) Continue to add resin until level with the top and you are satisfied that no more resin will fit.
5) Replace the foam ring inside the screw cap and on the cap.
6) Replace the cartridge to the RO system making sure the arrow on the cartridge points up.

(Note: Properly filling a DI cartridge will ensure optimal performance by preventing RO water from channeling through DI Resin.)

*Compatible with AquaFX, Captive Purity, Marine Depot, Kent Marine, Seachem, Coralife and most other residential or aquarium DI or RO/DI systems. 

Manufacturer information

AquaFx manufactures water treatment systems in the USA in Winter Park, FL. They maintain a shop that puts Americans to work! They build some of the finest reverse osmosis systems we have seen along with a plethora of useful upgrades and replacement parts. They have over 45 years of water treatment engineering experience to help you produce pollutant-free water for your freshwater (RO) or saltwater (RO/DI) aquarium.

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