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AquaMaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor - XXL


Item #: UJ45121

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AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors are multi-purpose aquarium water filters specially designed for use in marine and reef aquaria. Insert your media of choice to help eliminate organic pollutants, odors, discolorations and algae fuels.

Fluidized reactors, also commonly referred to as phosphate or media reactors, are one of the easiest and most effective ways to use filter media in a saltwater aquarium system. These versatile filters are capable of running several different types of filter media, from activated carbon and granular ferrous oxide to resin and nitrate-reducing media.

The up-flow design of AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors helps to keep filter media suspended and evenly dispersed to provide maximum contact time between your aquarium water and the media inside the reactor. Water is introduced into the bottom of the filter and then gravity pushes it upward through the media and back out into your tank.

AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors are computer designed, precision-cut and made of polished A-class acrylic. All AquaMaxx media reactors are rigorously tested in saltwater environments to ensure reliability, efficiency and affordability.

AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors require a small pump/powerhead and tubing (sold separately) to push water through the reactor. You can plumb the reactor using 3/4" flexible vinyl tubing. Using a ball valve is highly recommended because it will allow you to regulate the flow rate. Since different types of media have different flow rate requirements, be sure to reference the manufacturer’s suggested flow rate for the media you intend to use (it’s usually listed in the product description and/or on the product label).

For best results, use AquaMaxx Granular Ferrous Oxide (GFO), AquaMaxx Bituminous Carbon or similar aquarium filter media.

All AquaMaxx products carry an one-year manufacturer warranty and include detailed instructions and diagrams to help hobbyists get up and running immediately.

  • Reactor Footprint: 12" x 5.5"
  • Chamber Diameter: 3.94" x 2
  • Reactor Height: 22"
  • Chamber Capacity: 0.66 Gallons (2.5L) ~10.5 Cups x 2
  • Using GFO: up to 1000 Gallons
  • Using Activated Carbon: up to 600 Gallons
  • Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" or 1/2" Hose barb

Manufacturer information

AquaMaxx is a Southern California-based aquarium supply company that entered the market in mid-2008 with a line of affordable metal halide bulbs. The brand quickly gained recognition as word spread about the high quality and low cost of their lamps. In 2009, AquaMaxx released a line of aquarium filter socks and, in early 2010, unveiled an assortment of high-performance protein skimmer accessories and upgrades.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
August 04, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Quality Product

Pros: build quality, ease of setup, small footprint for a large reactor,price

Cons: none

I love Aqua Maxx products. The build quality is outstanding for the price. I own many AM Reactors , Skimmers, , and even their ozone generator. I have never had a problems with any of them. This reactor was purchased to install on my 150 g system. I need to make room in the stand and this reactor has a small footprint that really helped free up space for me.I may purchase an additional xxl to make a DIY ozone reactor. This reactor looks perfect for such a project. Bottom line is , you can't go wrong with Aqua Maxx.

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Reviewed on
December 26, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


i got this onside its a bit overkill for my tank but that just means i should be able to go a bit longer without having to change media was still a great deal!!!

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Reviewed on
October 21, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Big Boys

You need to push gfo & carbon.. No worries here.. Solid product.. Plus looks great next to my sump

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