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AquaMaxx Liquid Calcium Supplement - 16OZ

AquaMaxx Liquid Calcium Supplement - 16OZ


Item #: UJ94519

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Calcium is used by corals to grow and thrive both in an aquarium and in the wild. Without calcium, corals and other calcareous organisms cannot survive. Hard corals use calcium, along with carbonates, to build their aragonite skeletal structures and some soft corals use calcium to help build their sclerites, which are responsible for maintaining their shape. Keeping a proper calcium level is crucial for the success of growing a captive reef.

Dosing Instructions:
  • Add 1mL per gallon of tank water daily until desired calcium level is achieved.
  • Do not dose more than 2 mL per gallon per day. Calcium levels should be maintained from 400-450 ppm.
  • Exceeding a calcium level higher than 475 ppm can cause your alkalinity levels to fall out of range due to precipitation.

Manufacturer information

AquaMaxx is a Southern California-based aquarium supply company that entered the market in mid-2008 with a line of affordable metal halide bulbs. The brand quickly gained recognition as word spread about the high quality and low cost of their lamps. In 2009, AquaMaxx released a line of aquarium filter socks and, in early 2010, unveiled an assortment of high-performance protein skimmer accessories and upgrades.

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