Aquarium Air Pump and Aquarium CO2 System

Aquarium air pumps and aquarium CO2 systems play important roles in both freshwater aquariums and saltwater reef tanks.

In marine aquariums, CO2 systems (CO2 tanks, regulators and other accessories) are used in conjunction with calcium reactors to help provide calcium to reef aquariums. This approach to supplementation provides a steady stream of calcium to corals and eliminates the needs for daily dosing. A properly set up and maintained calcium reactor is one of the most efficient ways to keep the calcium level stable in a reef aquarium. Many freshwater aquarists with planted tanks also supplement CO2 to produce lush, vigorous plant growth.

Air pumps have quite a few uses in both freshwater tanks and saltwater aquariums. They can used to run sponge filters (useful in hospital or fry tanks), bubble walls (or other aquarium decorations that perform some sort of action) and to drive wooden airstones in protein skimmers.

If you have questions about aquarium air pumps or CO2 systems, please do not hesitate to contact us To further your knowledge, consider reading How to Setup a Calcium Reactor and A Beginner's Guide to Planted Tanks.

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