Aquarium Chiller and Aquarium Heater

Having a stable temperature that is appropriate for your aquarium inhabitants is one of the keys to having a successful fish tank.

Temperature fluctuations often go unnoticed by aquarium hobbyists and can result in fish and coral stress or even death. It is therefore necessary to purchase a quality aquarium heater to ensure that your freshwater tank or reef aquarium remains within ideal temperature ranges for livestock as well as to monitor your tank temperature regularly.

Most aquarium heaters include a built-in thermostat to select the optimal temperature for your tank. However, you should still use an aquarium thermometer so you can quickly and easily monitor the water temperature. A temperature controller can turn aquarium heaters off if they get stuck on to prevent overheating as well as keep aquarium chillers and fish tank heaters from running at the same time to save electricity.

Glass-walled heaters are the most widely used style in the hobby due to their compact size, price and dependability although titanium heaters are also popular. Many consider the best aquarium heater brands to be Jager, Cobalt Aquatics and ViaAqua.

A minimum of 3-5 watts per gallon is recommended to keep aquarium temperatures at an optimal level. Aquarists with larger tanks should consider using more than one heater. In the unlikely event that your aquarium heater fails, have multiple heaters in place safeguards your tank from crashing.

An aquarium water chiller is available as either drop-in or inline. A drop-in fish tank chiller has coils that go inside your sump to cool the water with no plumbing required. An inline aquarium chiller, on the other hand, has internal cooling coils. Water is pumped into the chiller, cooled, and then returned to the tank or sump. The chief advantage of an inline chiller is that it can be set up away from the tank (such as in a basement, another room or in the garage).

If you are shopping for an aquarium chiller and/or heater and would like recommendations specific to your tank, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts for advice. We are happy to share our experience with you and let you know about any specials we may have going on.

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