Aquarium Controllers and Monitors

The best way to maintain a healthy aquarium is by keeping your water parameters stable. That is why it is essential to regularly monitor your water quality to ensure key parameters are at optimum levels for fish and coral.

Aquarium controllers and aquarium monitors help ease the burden many aquarium owners feel about regularly testing their water conditions. While not necessarily a substitute for standard aquarium test kits, an aquarium controller can relieve you of testing key parameters like salinity, temperature, pH and ORP by providing continuous readings and logging the data to help you identify trends.

American Marine Pinpoint are among our most affordable aquarium monitors and offer hobbyists the ability to monitor and/or control a single parameter such as pH, Calcium, Nitrate, ORP, temperature Conductivity or Salinity. The probes used for measurement must be cleaned regularly, calibrated semiannually and replaced after 12-18 months of continuous use.

More sophisticated aquarium controllers, like the Apex controller or ReefKeeper controller, not only monitor and log your water parameters, but can also be programmed to perform important tasks to free you from some of the manual work associated with keeping an aquarium. Activities such as turning on and off your lights to create a dusk/dawn effect, shutting off your filtration equipment during feedings, replenishing evaporated water and even dosing your tank can all be automated with a reef controller.

Aquarium controllers, like the Neptune Systems Apex AquaController, come with electrical outlets for you to plug in the equipment you want to control. In some instances, a sold separately expansion module may be required to control a particular piece of aquarium equipment. Some products are even certified by Neptune Systems as being Apex Ready so you know they’ll work flawlessly with your controller and provide additional options that may not otherwise be available.

The modern aquarium controllers offered by Neptune Systems and Digital Aquatics even give you the ability to monitor and control your equipment from a mobile device so you can keep an eye on your tank while you’re at work or on vacation. If you are shopping for an aquarium controller, please contact our aquarium experts and we will help you choose a unit that will meet your needs and accomplish your goals without breaking the bank.

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