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Accessories & Calibration

Most base aquarium controllers have great features, but their modular design allows for specialized measurement and control. The new Neptune Systems Trident system measures alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium to allow precision reef tank dosing. A conductivity, probe (salinity probe) monitors saltwater levels. If you??re going on vacation, an Apex automatic feeding system can keep your fish alive. Aquarium flow meters, controllable aquarium lights and pumps, flood water sensors, etc. are all available. All these modules need organization. Invest in an aquarium controller board or probe holder to keep things clean.


Marine Depot Plug Labels


Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack (MPR)
Neptune Systems New APEX Display Module
Neptune Apex EB832 Energy Bar


Neptune Systems DOS Replacement Pump Head
Neptune Systems Fluid Monitoring Module (FMM)
Neptune Systems Solenoid Valve SV-1 for FMM
Neptune Systems 1LINK Male - Male Cable - 10 ft
Neptune Apex LDK - Leak Detection Kit