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Probes for an aquarium controller are sensitive devices that need occasional replacement. For example, a pH probe will typically last about one year. Over time, the probe will no longer stay calibrated, which means it is time for replacement. A lab grade pH probe has the same sensitivity as a standard pH probe but is more durable. When you buy a new probe for your aquarium controller, don’t forget the calibration solution.

A probe holder helps prevent damage to probes. Because probes are sensitive and easily damaged, they come with a limited warranty.

A conductivity probe, or salinity probe, is used to measure the salinity of water by measuring conductivity.

An ORP probe measures the oxidation reduction potential of the water, which (simplified) indicates the level of waste in the water.


Titanium Ground Probe


Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack (MPR)
Neptune Apex Temperature Probe


American Marine Pinpoint pH Probe

American Marine Pinpoint Monitors

American Marine Pinpoint pH Probe