Aquarium Lighting Accessories

You may find through regular wear and tear that your aquarium lighting system components break down over time. Maybe a fluorescent ballast went bad, an aquarium cooling fan decided to stop working or your T5 endcaps got cracked. In these instances, you’ll need to find suitable replacement parts. Fortunately, manufacturers often produce replacement parts for their lighting systems, many of which we carry in our store.

If your metal halide system is on the fritz or you are simply looking to upgrade, we carry a variety of metal halide ballast types (HQI ballast, electronic ballast and multi-wattage ballasts), metal halide mogul sockets, quick disconnects, different metal halide reflector styles and even a splash lens to protect your metal halide bulbs.

You can also take better control of your lighting system with a controller: from an aquarium light controller to an aquarium fan controller and even a reef light controller, there are many options available to make aquarium keeping easier. Perhaps you are looking for an aquarium light mount for your lighting system? In our store you will find mounting legs for many different fixtures as well as light rails, aquarium light mounting brackets and hanging kits.

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