Aquarium Metal Halide Lighting Accessories

A replacement metal halide bulb socket can be either screw in single ended (mogul base socket) or double ended (HQI socket). All single ended mogul base metal halide bulbs will fit in the mogul base, but double ended HQI bulbs have different lengths for each wattage.

The socket is screwed into a metal halide reflector. Some compact reflectors are designed to cover a 2 foot radius, while a larger reflector may cover a 3 foot radius.

The metal halide socket is wired into a power cord which connects to the metal halide ballast. Be sure the ballast plug style matches the socket plug, or be prepared to do some basic wiring.

Other metal halide lighting accessories include hanging kits and other mounting solutions.
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Gauge 16 Power Cord
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Gauge 16 Power Cord