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Aquarium Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Looking for help picking the right aquarium metal halide bulb? First, ensure the socket style (mogul or HQI/double ended) and wattage matches the equipment you have. Next, choose the right color. Reef tank metal halide bulbs are measured in color temperature (kelvin, or k), and range from 10k-20k. A white 10k metal halide bulb is the best for coral growth but looks drab without supplemental actinic lighting. 14k is a bluish white with a blend of color and growth. A 20k metal halide reef tank bulb, like the Radium metal halide, has a deeper blue with great color but slightly reduced coral growth over a 10k.

Many hobbyists combine metal halide with T5 or LED to get great coral growth along with the vibrant coral colors. For that, check out our hybrid or retrofit lighting options.
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