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Metal Halide Fixtures

Metal halide vs led reef lighting

Although many aquarium lights are now LED, a metal halide fixture is still a proven technology for great coral growth and coloration that is widely used in the coral propagation business.

A metal halide setup includes a metal halide pendant, a metal halide ballast, and Metal halide bulb, which can be single-ended (mogul base) or double-ended (HQI). The MH bulb style and wattage must match the pendant socket and ballast output, though many electronic ballasts are selectable. Metal halides come in different colors. A 10k MH bulb is crisp white like shallow water. A 20k metal halide bulb looks like deep blue water. A 20k metal halide reef tank has a great combination of color, brightness, and growth.

Ballasts and pendants don’t all use the same style plug, so check for compatibility. Some wiring may be required.


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