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Power Compact

Power compact vs T5HO lighting

T5 high output lighting is a newer, more powerful technology, but also more expensive. Power compact is a cost effective way to get started in the reef or freshwater planted hobby. Power compact lighting should only be used for species of plant and coral that do well with less light because it is less powerful than T5HO or LED.

A power compact bulb is bent into a U shape with a socket on one side, either a straight pin (4 pins in a line) or square pin power compact configuration (2 pins above two pins). Before buying replacement power compact bulbs, be sure you order the correct pins.

Each tube can be lit a different color. A 50/50 power compact bulb will have two different color tubes, typically one white 10k and one blue actinic (460 or 420nm). A dual actinic PC bulb has one blue and one true actinic.


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