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T5 Ballasts

What is an aquarium ballast? A ballast powers light bulbs and regulates the voltage passing through them. Older, magnetic ballasts, have been largely replaced by electronic ballasts, which are more energy efficient, run cooler, and usually last longer.

The best fluorescent HO T5 ballast for aquarium use, which can also run power compacts or normal output fluorescents, is the Coralvue 660 ballast, an update of the classic IceCap 660VHO ballast. The 660 ballast is a versatile solution for fluorescent aquarium lighting. While the Coralvue ballast is powerful and customizable, it must be custom wired and the power cord is not included. If you aren’t doing a retrofit T5 setup, you may need a specific T5 ballast for your fixture. If we stock the T5 fixture but not the ballast, contact us for support.

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