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T5 Bulbs

T5 HO bulbs are great for a reef tank or planted aquarium. Manufacturers use unique names for T5 light bulbs, but many are similar in color. An Aquablue bulb is crisp white. Blue plus is a blue/actinic mixture. Purple bulbs mix white, blue, and red. Coral bulbs mix Aquablue, blue, and purple. True actinic looks dim but produces great ‘pop.’

The best T5 combination for reef tank use is subjective, but a popular 4 bulb T5 combo is 3x blue, 1x Aquablue. For a bluer look, consider 3x blue,1x purple. For the best 6 bulb T5 combo for coral growth, consider 3x Blue, 1x Aquablue, 1x coral, 1x purple. For a bluer look, go with 4x blue, 1x coral, 1x purple. For a good 8 bulb T5 setup, consider 4x blue, 2x Aquablue, 1x Purple, 1x coral. Replace bulbs yearly.

For freshwater T5 plant light bulbs, consider a mix of half Giesemann Midday 6700k, half Aquaflora.


D-D 24 Inch 24W Lagoon Blue T5HO Fluorescent Bulb

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