Aquarium Maintenance

Tank maintenance is something that can't be avoided, tanks and equipment get dirty. Some people love cleaning their aquariums while others dread the chore ahead of them. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of love it or hate it, we have the tools to help make it easier. So whether you are cleaning your equipment, performing a water change or scraping algae off the wall of the aquarium, we've got you covered.

Propagating (or fragging) corals has also become quite popular within the reef hobby. Hobbyist of all levels can experience this in their aquariums. If you aren't sure how to frag corals, have a look at this article that can help out with some simple ways to frag some of the more popular corals available. We carry all the tools needed to start your own "frag farm" either in your existing tank (frag racks are great for this) or in a dedicated frag tank.

Synthetic sea salt mixes offer a convenient, do-it-yourself way of creating saltwater for your aquarium. When mixed with RO or RO/DI filtered tap water, synthetic sea salts become pure saltwater with consistent calcium, alkalinity and pH levels. And, thanks to the purity of the formulations, synthetic sea salts are nitrate and phosphate-free, minimizing the likelihood of unwanted algae blooms in your aquarium. Higher-priced salt mixes often contain higher calcium, alkalinity and trace element levels, which make them better suited for the reef aquarium environment.

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