Hose Clamps for Aquariums

Plastic hose clamps are the best choice for a marine fish tank or brackish water aquarium if the clamp will be under water. Plastic hose clamps are great to secure flexible tubing to a submersible aquarium pump, or to attach aquarium hose to most aquarium equipment.

A metal hose clamp is more secure than a plastic hose clamp but should generally be used outside the aquarium in non-submersible applications. Metal adjustable hose clamps have a screw fastener and fit a wide range of aquarium tubing sizes.

Hose clamps are rated by the inner diameter of the flexible tubing. So, an aquarium tube with a ½ inch wide hole will need a ½ inch hose clamp.
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Medium Metal Hose Clamp - 1/2 inch - 1 inch

Medium Metal Hose Clamp - 1/2 inch - 1 inch