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Ball Valves for Aquariums

A ball valve is an aquarium water flow control valve to control and stop aquarium water flow.

Marine Depot sells high quality aquarium ball valves in different styles, from barbed fitting ball valves for aquarium hose to standard pvc ball valves for hard plumbing. A ball valve is great to control flow on a carbon reactor or other similar equipment.

PVC fittings are listed according to PVC pipe sizes, not the actual measurement of the part. So, a 1 inch slip elbow does not measure 1 inch but fits onto 1 inch PVC pipe. PVC fittings are categorized by the types of connections they make:

MPT, or male pipe thread, has threads on the outside wall
FPT, or female pipe thread, has threads on the inside wall
A PVC slip fitting, or slip fit, has no threads and connects to PVC pipe
PVC insert fittings, or hose barb fittings, connect to aquarium tubing (not flex PVC pipe)
A reducer fitting reduces PVC size
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