Aquarium Pumps and Powerheads

Having adequate water movement in your aquarium is one of the keys to having a successful tank. Good water circulation keeps oxygen levels high and waste suspended so your aquarium filter can remove it from the tank. In reef aquariums, proper water flow delivers food to sessile organisms like corals and allows their waste to be swept way.

Creating water movement inside your fish tank isn’t the only function an aquarium water pump serves. Aquarium pumps also power filtration equipment, like media reactors—which help you get the most out of your carbon, GFO and biopellet filter media—as well as aquarium sumps, wet/dry filter systems and refugiums.

Aquarium circulation pumps supply water to aquarium chillers, UV sterilizers and inline filter systems (like those offered by Lifegard Aquatics). An aquarium pump can also replenish evaporated tank water as part of an auto top-off system or be used as an aquarium dosing pump to administer aquarium supplements or food.

You can get either a submersible aquarium pump or an external aquarium pump depending on your specific needs. As their names imply, submersible pumps operate underwater while external pumps are mounted outside your sump or filter system in a dry location. There are even a few brands that offer a saltwater aquarium pump that can run both underwater and externally. If you aren’t sure which type of pump you need, we can help! Contact our staff of aquarium experts today and we are happy to help you select the right pump for your application. To expand your knowledge of aquarium pumps, read 6 Ways to Improve Aquarium Water Flow, Producing Water Movement and Water Movement in Aquariums.

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