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Powerheads & Wavemakers

Many fish tanks, especially saltwater reef tanks, require extra water flow to oxygenate water and prevent waste from settling. A fish tank powerhead pump sits inside the aquarium and circulates water at a high rate. A nano powerhead is used for a small fish tank. The Hydor Koralia powerhead series is a best seller. A controllable powerhead is like a small aquarium wave maker. The random or pulsing flow creates waves or random currents in the water to simulate a natural reef environment. Our two most popular wavemaker powerheads are the Ecotech MP40 VorTech and the Maxspect Gyre.

Want to know how much circulation for reef tank is needed? Most freshwater aquariums need 3–5x water turnover per hour. A fish only marine aquarium needs 10x turnover. Some reef tanks have more than 50x turnover/hour.