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Submersible Protein Skimmer Pumps

Most modern protein skimmers use a venturi pump with a needle wheel impeller. The venturi nozzle has a tube that sucks in air and mixes it with water. A needle wheel skimmer pump then uses a needle wheel to chop up the incoming air into fine bubbles, which improve protein skimmer performance by creating more surface area for proteins. The protein skimmer pump then pushes the air water mixture into the skimmer chamber, where the fine bubbles lift proteins out of the water.

Protein skimmer pumps are rated by flow (gph) and air draw (lph). When you purchase a replacement protein skimmer pump, be sure it is compatible with your protein skimmer, especially with flow rate and outlet size.

The Sicce and Reef Octopus skimmer pump lines are popular choices.
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Shark 1.2 Replacement Pump for FC-120 Skimmer - AquaMaxx

Shark 1.2 Replacement Pump for FC-120 Skimmer - AquaMaxx