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RO Tubing for RO Systems

Standard RO water tubing is ¼ inch plastic water tubing Typically, different color reverse osmosis tubes are used throughout the RO/DI system to differentiate the stages. For example, on a Spectrapure system black RO tubing is used for feed water, blur RO water tubing is used for purified product water, and yellow RO tubing is used for concentrated waste water.

Want to know how to disconnect reverse osmosis tubing? Most RO systems use quick disconnect fittings, like John Guest fittings. Use finesse, not force, to remove RO tubing. Press on the ring around the tubing with two fingers, then gently pull the tubing out. If the ¼ inch RO tubing is not coming out, press uniformly a little harder on the ring to ensure it is evenly pushed in.
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