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Aquarium Salt Mix

What is the best salt mix for a saltwater aquarium? A fish only saltwater fish tank can use a wide variety of aquarium salt mix. Most salt mixes are synthetic seawater, though some, like Red Sea Coral Pro salt, are evaporated seawater. For fish only tanks, Instant Ocean salt mix is a popular choice. Want to know how to prepare salt mix? First add water, then the sea salt (always in that order) to a mixing vessel like a bucket. Circulate the water with a powerhead and heat it to match the tank temperature.

A coral reef tank owner must consider coral health and coral color in addition to fish health. The best reef salt mixes have higher calcium, alkalinity, and other elements to help growing coral. But, don’t think you can just add salt with extra calcium to compensate for what corals use. Your reef salt mix should match the tank levels, which you then maintain through regular dosing.


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