Aquariums and Aquarium Stands

We have a huge selection of glass fish tanks and acrylic aquariums that are available in all shapes and sizes. We only stock top-tier tanks so you can build your next saltwater aquarium or freshwater tank with confidence. We work with reputable brands like Red Sea, Innovative Marine, CAD Lights and Coralife to offer you the finest all-in-one style aquariums on the market today.

If you prefer to build your aquarium from the ground up, we've got you covered. We have Mr. Aqua glass aquariums in bowfront, rectangle and cube shapes. They are our most popular rimless tanks thanks to their low price and stunning clarity. We also sell Clear-For-Life acrylic aquariums, stands and canopies to make your aquarium dreams a reality (even if those dreams entail building a hexagon-shaped masterpiece).

Aquarium stands and cabinets are where hobbyists store all their gear and, in some cases, filtration equipment. If you use an AIO tank, like the JBJ Nano Cube, you might place an aquarium chiller inside your stand along with maintenance tools like a refractometer, algae scraper and test kits. You could also use the space to place a freshwater reservoir so you can automatically replenish evaporated water with an auto top-off system.

You can even use an aquarium stand to set up a sump for better filtration. Within the sump, you can use a filter sock for mechanical filtration, a refugium for biological filtration and place your protein skimmer and heater discreetly so they do not clutter your display tank.

If you need help choosing an aquarium, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can also check our Reef Tank Packages or read Aquariums: Buy or Build?, Must-Have Products for the Reef Aquarium or A Beginner's Guide to Planted Tanks to learn more about setting up a new aquarium.

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