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AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115


Item #: AK01114

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Effectively remove organic waste in aquariums up to 30 Gallons!
  • Compact size ideal for up to 30 gallon reef and marine aquariums
  • Streamlined design effectively eliminates organic waste
  • Proven needle wheel impeller increases air-to-water contact
Power Cord Length: 1.4 M/4.5 ft
Pump Wattage: 8W
Dimensions: 10.5x3x3 in
Collection cup volume: 3.4oz
Collection Cup Dimensions: 2x2x3 in
Min. Clearance Above Water Line: 3.75in

Manufacturer information

AquaticLife Aquarium Supplies
AquaticLife is a Southern California based company that innovates, markets & manufactures premium branded aquarium equipment. AquaticLife products and information are designed to bring the experience of marine life into the home. The company manufactures a variety of aquarium products for both freshwater and saltwater applications. Water quality monitors and testing supplies, water filtration and submersible pumps are just a sampling of what this up-and-coming company offers. AquaticLife is best known for their stylish, powerful and extremely user-friendly light fixtures. They are also recognized for their outstanding customer support and helpful educational materials.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
November 07, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Pump burn out

Pros: good skimmer

Cons: bad customer service

I bought this skimmer, and it really worked very good, alot of foam and very little noise. After about 6 months the pump stopped working, I took it out and cleaned it..still didn't work. Contacted Marine Depot about the problem. She couldn't find a record of sale(bought thru Amazon ..shipped by MD . I asked about buying a new pump ..sent 2 emails, never got an answer..thats very bad customer service..shame on customer service.

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Reviewed on
March 11, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good skimmer for nano

Pros: Fits in bio cube 29

Cons: None

This is this second one I owned for my bio cube 29 gal best skimmer works great also fits in the first chamber and the price you can’t beat would buy again

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Reviewed on
May 15, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

crashed my tank

Pros: price

Cons: short circuit

updating my review...the skimmer worked fine for 7 months...then the pump decided to short circuit in some fashion killing most of the tank inhabitants...when i opened the unit the motor had a big bulge on one side where plastic was melted.for something that inside water this is poorly made...would not recommend

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Reviewed on
July 26, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works well but measure your chambers

Pros: Works well

Cons: Can be bulky for an all in one

Great working skimmer. Once you have it right flow set, don't change it! Mine did not fit in the back chambers of my Cadlights 22g. So I removed all of the hanging clips and glued the suction cups to the side where the water enters. It gave me a snug fit while holding the skimmer at the correct height. Also did the air line mod to help with the noise. You get a good amount of micro-bubbles for the first few days but it slowly clears up as it breaks in. Creating a good amount of skim already. So far so good!

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valynda turner

Reviewed on
February 22, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.


It is skimming something, but it is too hard to reduce micro bubbles. I wish had brought the Aqua C Remora.

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garrett ling

Reviewed on
December 17, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good for the price...

The skimmer itself works great however the mount options are terrible. The suction cups are undersized and should be glued one, and the hanging bracket is too short to use in a sump. Everytime you have to clean the cup you have to reset the whole skimmer and readjust it because the suctions cups are weak and fall off. they really should use a heavy duty magnet like the new aquamaxx nano reactor.

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tim seckerson

Reviewed on
November 25, 2015

No, I would not recommend this.

Micro bubbles everywhere

The skimmer is nice and looks to be well made and quite. If you can only get rid of the micro bubbles that never stop coming out. I've had it running for 2 weeks now and no results in the collection cup, the micro bubbles just keep coming. Save your money and get a better skimmer.

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chris pflager

Reviewed on
October 24, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great nano skimmer

Great nano skimmer! It produces decent skimmate and fits perfectly in chamber 1 of my biocube.

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brian bonacic

Reviewed on
August 02, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.

It works after modding it

Placed this skimmer in the first chamber of our 29 Biocube after trimming the hood to make room for the bracket. I was able to get the skimmer to work after doing the airline mod "found on YouTube " the skimmer has been in operation for three days and is starting to pull dark ski mate. Overall I'm happy with it.

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k. charles

Reviewed on
July 10, 2014

No, I would not recommend this.

Won't stay in place

This skimmer works, it's a bit loud, but the biggest issue I have is it won't stay in place. The suction feet on the back are useless and will not hold the unit in place. The plastic parts that come with the unit to attach it to the side of the tank are flimsy and don't hold it firmly in place. Since it needs to sit a certain height above the water I've been unable to successfully use this in my tank since it keeps sinking down and falling in the tank.

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