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Auto Aqua Smart Stir - Magnetic Stirrer for Mixing Water Test Reagents


Item #: CV12121

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Auto Aqua Smart Stir - Magnetic Stirrer for Mixing Water Test Reagents

The Smart Stir from AutoAqua makes water testing easier, faster, and more effective.

Save Time & Work Less by Testing the Smart Way

Water testing is a critical and necessary step for keeping a healthy aquarium, however mixing test kits can be a bit monotonous.

Smart Stir is a small but clever labor and time-saving gadget to help you mix water test reagents with ease. Its strong motor and tiny magnetic stirring bar allow you to mix liquids completely and effortlessly in a moment.

Just drop the magnetic stirring bar in the container, put it on the stir base, and press the power button, Smart Stir will do the annoying labor for you especially when you have to do several tests. It will stop automatically after five minutes in case you forget to turn it off.

Make water testing easier, faster, and more effective!

Compact & Compatible Design

Smart Stir`s compact design not only saves space, but it is also compatible with standard vials whose diameter is under 2.7 cm, which are included in most water test kits.

The attractive and streamlined look of the Smart Stir was thoughtfully designed to ensure the vial stands firmly within the holder. Also, the non-slip rubber pads on the bottom helps to reduce vibration during stirring.

Sustainable & Energy-Saving

Instead of replacing batteries, Smart Stir has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It will be turned off automatically after five minutes of operation to save power. The unit has a low battery indicator that reminds users to charge the device before use to ensure the best performance.

What`s Included:

  • Smart Stir Base
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Iron Wire
  • Stirring Bar


  • Charging: USB 5V
  • Charging Time: 120 minutes
  • Dimensions: 2.77" x 2.77" x 2.34" / 70.5mm x 70.5mm x 59.5mm
  • Holder Size: 1" / 27mm Diameter

Manufacturer information

AutoAqua, one of the outstanding intelligent aquarium providers in the world, aims to design and manufacture small, safe and smart automatic aquarium products. To realize aquarists’ dreams, we also develop an aquarium interactive system based on WiFi connection, which enables aquarists enjoy an easy aquarium life with enormous fun.

Smart ATO and Smart ATO micro are a unique top-off system which features easy installation and maintenance. They employ the Quick Security Technology providing real-time protection to prevent any failure situation. The Smart ATO comes with the patented contactless digital sensor that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. The Smart ATO Micro is designed especially for nano tanks has an incredibly small sensor uniquely coupled with a magnet.

Smart AWC Touch, one of their newer products, is an automatic water change and auto top off all-in-one system. It reduces aquarists’ time and effort doing water changes and topping off their tank. All a hobbyist needs to do is set up optical level sensors and pumps and program their water change process using an included LCD touch panel. Then you can perform water changes automatically according to your desired frequency and refilling speed. Smart AWC Touch also employs Quick Security Technology providing real-time protection to prevent any failure situation.

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