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AutoAqua Smart AWC - Auto Water Change System


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Item #: CV21177

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Automatic water changes are real! Check out this review about the AutoAqua AWC, it really works.

The AWC is a Dual function (AWC/ATO) touch screen controller that automates water changes with ease. Easy to install and includes everything to operate the AWC with ATO.

Automate your water changes with ease and watch your aquarium flourish. Easy to install and includes everything to operate.


  • Dual Function Auto Water Change/Auto Freshwater Top Off
  • Easy Touch Screen Controller Display
  • Simpe User Interface
  • Quick Security Technology
  • Optical Level Sensors with Magnet Mounts
  • Everything is Included!

Comes with

  • 1x Smart AWC touch controller
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 3x Universal Tube Holder (Max tank thickness: 1/2")
  • 20ft Vinyl Tubing
  • 3x Siphon Breaker
  • 3x DC pumps

Manufacturer information

AutoAqua, one of the outstanding intelligent aquarium providers in the world, aims to design and manufacture small, safe and smart automatic aquarium products. To realize aquarists’ dreams, we also develop an aquarium interactive system based on WiFi connection, which enables aquarists enjoy an easy aquarium life with enormous fun.

Smart ATO and Smart ATO micro are a unique top-off system which features easy installation and maintenance. They employ the Quick Security Technology providing real-time protection to prevent any failure situation. The Smart ATO comes with the patented contactless digital sensor that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. The Smart ATO Micro is designed especially for nano tanks has an incredibly small sensor uniquely coupled with a magnet.

Smart AWC Touch, one of their newer products, is an automatic water change and auto top off all-in-one system. It reduces aquarists’ time and effort doing water changes and topping off their tank. All a hobbyist needs to do is set up optical level sensors and pumps and program their water change process using an included LCD touch panel. Then you can perform water changes automatically according to your desired frequency and refilling speed. Smart AWC Touch also employs Quick Security Technology providing real-time protection to prevent any failure situation.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
May 10, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Pump failure.

Recently purchased this unit. Loved the concept of the automatic water changer with auto top off in one. Within 2 weeks of use, one of the pumps had failed. Tried to contact customer service. They did not respond back. Didn’t see any replacement pumps on their website. BRS had 5 in stock. I’m sticking with BRS from now on.

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Reviewed on
May 02, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Hands down my best purchase

Pros: No more buckets! Has failsafe in case of malfunction. Stable tank

Cons: Pump for ato is strong enough because it's close to tank but the pump for the water changes was too week. I had to buy the adapter to use my own pump for that. If the pump was just a little stronger it'd be perfect.

I wasn't sure about spending the money but I hate doing water changes and usually end up skipping them more then I should so I bought this and set up a 44 gallon brute drum in my garage (wall behind my tank). This thing has been awesome! I have it change 2% of my tank water every night by itself and my parameters are always amazing. I feed heavy too. The daily water changes keeps my parameters super stable too and I can see the difference in my corals. I also like that it's well thought out on the programming side. It has failsafes so if it runs for a certain amount of time more then it usually does it will shut off in case of malfunction so it won't flood your house. Highly recommend this. Even if you buy it for the ato which works great too the auto water changes are free...

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Reviewed on
September 23, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

This should be a staple in any aquarium!

Pros: Consistent and VERY convenient

Cons: Needs a more user friendly programming

Bought this unit about 6 months ago, so I can give a fairly accurate review of the product, although I can't necessarily attest for the longevity of this product.

The good:
-VERY consistent. Will not fail or miss any days.
-Is both an AWC and ATO (I didn't really use the ATO).
-Makes life easier, especially for reef tanks.
-Did I mention that it was convenient?

The cons:
-The programming does get a little confusing at first. I found myself referring to the manual every time I wanted to make any changes to it.
-I also found that if you want to change the volume of water that was to be switched, you have to reset the whole thing.
-You have to program the device at the time of when you want it to switch out the water. This isn't really a huge con, but if I want it to switch out the water at 3AM, I have to program this thing at 3AM to do it.

Some quick notes of this product:
-Yes, it's a little pricey just to switch out water, but the ease of mind you get when you know that water is being switched out often, is worth it and your fish/corals will thank you.
-I switch out about 2.5 gallons every night, which adds up to around 18 gallons a week. I put the fresh saltwater inside a 5 gallon reservoir (should've gotten a bigger one). If you are committed to this, buy the 15 gallon reservoir so you don't have to keep refilling so often.
-The output (or the water being taken out), for me, is set up to where it feeds out to my front yard directly to the drainage (I know, very convenient). Try this instead of having to drain inside a bucket for you to empty every 2-3 days.
-Tape down the sensors. Some snails in my sump (Darn snails.. ), moved the sensors and caused it to draw out more than usual. Thankfully, this system also has a fail safe, and will stop drawing water a minute after its usual amount (Hence, why you have to reset every time you want to change the water volume).

Overall, this cool unit is great for reefers that want to maintain consistency in their reef tank, and do less water changes during maintenance.

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Reviewed on
July 06, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Bad Warranty

Pros: Can't say didn't have enough time to use it

Cons: Warranty process, instruction pamphlet not clear on mounting controller above tank.

It says, "Smart AWC Touch also employs Quick Security Technology providing real-time protection to prevent any failure situation". This isn't true, water backed up into my controller the first time using it. Siphoneds were installed correctly, The warranty almost always assumes user/customer error and they will not warranty you product. There are better products out there.

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Reviewed on
March 31, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Over of the BEST purchases I've made for my reef

Pros: Automatic water change plus ATO that works

Cons: Programming instructions could be better.

This thing ROCKS!!!
Is simple to use and it flat out works.
Best purchase I've made for my reef.

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Reviewed on
June 07, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Life Changing Time Saver and Easy!

Having to keep up with water changes in two 100 gallon reef tanks + a freshwater tank was its own full time job on the weekend (which I had been doing for 14 years). With this, you can press a button and have it change small amounts of water periodically, however you set it or just manually. Better for the tanks too! And it handles the RO top off as well. You do need three buckets/jugs (I hid them in baskets/hampers with lids) but this saves a lot of time and effort. I bought one for each of my reef tanks. The manufacturer has a good video online on how to set it up - no programming other than when you want it to change. It is easily installed as there are just the two sensors in the tank. If you are going to run the tubing a long distance, you will need to buy additional tubing.

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