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B-Ionic Nitrate Supplement - 16 fl. oz.

B-Ionic Nitrate Supplement - 16 fl. oz.


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B-Ionic Nitrate is a highly purified calcium nitrate solution. Maintaining nitrate concentrations slightly higher than natural reef levels has been observed by many aquarists to be beneficial to coral health and coloration. Which has been theorized that higher levels of nitrate compensates for the lack of planktonic food organisms and particulate organic nitrogen available to corals in the wild.

Higher nitrate levels may also assist organic breakdown and hydrogen sulfide prevention in anoxi/anaerobic areas of rock and sand. When phosphate levels are already high, increasing food input can be problematic when trying to raise nitrate levels because food also imports phosphate. B-Ionic Nitrate provides a solution by raising nitrate without increasing phosphate.

Through biological assimilation and denitrification, the added nitrate is converted into carbonate alkalinity, so there would not be any accumulation of sodium or potassium, both of which are very hard to test for.


  • Start by adding 1 ml per 20 gallons = 1 drop per gallon
  • Each addition will 1ppm of nitrate
  • Test nitrate every 5 days, and adjust dose accordingly until target level is reached
  • Do not increase dose by more than 1ml per 20 gallons a day within a 5 day time period
  • Nitrate levels should range between 5ppm - 10ppm
  • Warning: May cause eye irritation and is harmful if swallowed. Keep away from children!

Manufacturer information

E.S.V. Aquarium Supplies
E.S.V. Aquarium Products is a Hicksville, New York based aquarium supply company that specializes in the production of aquarium additives and supplements. Their 2-part B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System is a staple in the marine aquarium hobby and is the company`s flagship product, earning favorable reviews and rankings from hobbyists of all levels of experience. Their additives are known for being affordable, easy to administer and chemically sound. E.S.V. recently released a spray dried phytoplankton that eliminates the need to culture live phytoplankton. Granular activated carbon, coral glue, salt mix and various other supplements round out their product offerings.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
April 21, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Increasing My Nitrates

Pros: Cost

Just started dosing this to bring my nitrates up a bit to get more color in my sps without increasing any phosphates simultaneously.

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