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AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer
The revolutionary AquaC protein skimmers do not use venturis, downdraft tubes, or air pumps; they employ the patented "Spray Induction System."

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AquaC RX-1 Calcium Reactor
No more messing with finicky settings or inconsistent results, the RX-1 is a solid performer that will give you years of trouble-free service.

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Neptune Aquacontroller 3
The AquaController III base unit contains all the necessary capabilities to monitor and control even the most demanding aquarium setup.

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JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller DBA-075
Arctica Titanium Chillers are designed for maximum temperature pull-down (BTUs) with the least amount of energy draw.

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36” Current USA Nova Extreme Pro T5HO
A low-profile design dissipates heat away from your tank, lamps and components. 50% higher output compared to ordinary T5s, T8s or T12s.

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Red Sea MAX – Black, 34 Gallon
The Red Sea MAX Complete Reef System combines all of the technology necessary to grow and maintain a healthy reef in an elegant aquarium.

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Ecotech Marine VorTech Pump & Wave Driver
High flow, low heat, easy, efficient and controllable powerhead. The Wireless Wave Driver allows infinite wave control possibilities.

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Tunze Turbelle Stream Kit TS24
Wave simulation, tidal current control, random flow, foodtimer, alternating on/off switch function and waterproof membrane keypad.

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Elos Natural Skimmer NS500 Protein Skimmer
Elos’ interpretation of the Venturi-driven protein skimmer, with some modifications that drastically improve efficiency.

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Eheim Professional 3 External Filter 2080
Combines high output with a large canister and filter volume. Never were large aquariums (up to 300 gallons!) so easy to keep clean.

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