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BlackWater Clear Humic Planted Tank Supplement - 250 ml - Brightwell Aquatics

BlackWater Clear Humic Planted Tank Supplement - 250 ml - Brightwell Aquatics


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Blackwater Clear Provides humic substances for Shrimp & Freshwater Aquaria.

Humic substances come from organic matter that can be found in soil around forest streams and rivers, which are common habitats for many shrimp in the aquatic hobby.  These substances are comprised of humic and fulvic acids which occurs naturally as a product of decomposing matter on the forest floor.  The deep brown color of these humic substances is also responsible for the color of soil.

Soluble humic substances increase the bioavailability of multivalent cations (many of which are important nutrients for plants) to plants considerably by forming temporary bonds with these ions and making their uptake by plants more direct; this increases the effectiveness that water care products containing these ions will have in planted aquaria.

Gradually increasing the concentration of humic substances in aquaria can encourage spawning in fish such as: discus, cardinal tetras, and other inhabitants of blackwater rivers like Brazil’s Rio Negro. During tropical rainy seasons, the concentration of humic substances have a tendency to increase significantly, which is also when fishes in many river systems spawn. Adding BlackWater Clear to an aquarium will slightly acidify the water, discoloring the water slightly in direct correlation with the: dosage used, the volume of the water in the entire aquarium system, and the method(s) of chemical filtration employed. Therefore, it is good to note that the greater the dosage employed, the more pronounced the change in water coloration will be. Shrimp BlackWaterClear will also soften water as a result of the natural chelating action of humic substances. These are all important environmental and/or chemical cues utilized by fishes for the onset of spawning.


  • Shrimp safe and copper free.
  • Establishes similar water conditions to those found in blackwater rivers, many of which are home to important aquarium shrimp, fishes and plants without heavy darkening of the water.
  • Detoxifies copper and heavy metals.
  • May be used to help simulate the onset of the rainy season for encouragement of spawning.
  • Provides humic substances (humic and fulvic acid), complex bio-organic molecules known to increase the availability of important nutrients (such as iron, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, manganese, zinc, cobalt, and nickel) to plants, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of plant nutrient solutions in aquaria.
  • Formulated utilizing extensive research on aquatic plant nutrient requirements and riverine water chemistry.
  • Chemical filtration media that aggressively absorb organic material (such as macroporous resins) will quickly extract humic substances from aquarium water, which is useful when trying to eliminate these substances but is otherwise to be avoided when dosing this product. Activated carbon has limited effectiveness for this purpose, so it can remain.

Use Guidelines:

  • Basic: Add 2 ml (1 pump, if equipped with a pump, or 2 threads on cap) of Shrimp BlackWaterClear per 6 to 10 US-gallons of aquarium water twice each week; increase dosage thereafter depending upon perceived nutrient needs of shrimp, fish and plants. When used in this fashion, 500 ml treats up to 2,000 US-gallons (7,571 L). If desired, dosage may be increased to provide increased bioavailability of certain nutrients (see opposite panel); see comments regarding spawning below. In general, daily, rather than weekly, dosing is recommended; daily dosing maintains a more stable and natural environment than dosing weekly, in which nutrient concentrations spike just after dosing and then gradually decrease throughout the course of the week. To dose daily, add 6 drops per 20 US-gallons per day; adjust dosing volume after 3 - 5 weeks in accordance with appearance of plants shrimp and fishes, and perceived need for nutrients.
  • As a Spawning Aid: Consult reference materials for the specific spawning requirements of shrimp and fishes in your aquaria and use this product and the following instructions to your best advantage: over a period of 6 days, increase basic daily dosage to 6 drops per 10 US-gallons (37.9 L) by increasing the number of drops administered by one drop each day (resulting in 6 drops per 10 US-gallons per day on the 6th day). Maintain this dosage (or increase it if desired) until shrimp or fishes have concluded spawning and eggs have hatched, at which point dosage may be gradually decreased back to basic dosage. Adding Shrimp BlackWaterClear directly to water being used in water changes, particularly when made on a daily basis, may have the most positive impact; when using this method, add the appropriate amount of Shrimp BlackWaterClear for the entire system volume for that day. An increase in water temperature and the amount of live foods fed, in conjunction with following the above dosing instructions, will often encourage spawning. Be aware that an increase in feedings will generate increased waste and the need to remove it from the aquarium via more frequent water changes.
  • Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Manufacturer information

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The goal of Brightwell Aquatics is to provide the absolute highest quality, scientifically-sound products and customer service of any aquarium water care manufacturer, and to do it all in a straight-forward and honorable fashion. All Brightwell products are formulated by marine scientists with a passion for the aquarium hobby. They utilize the highest purity ingredients in concentrations that provide the most use to hobbyists. Nearly all Brightwell Aquatics products are over 99.9% pure. The usage guidelines of Brightwell Aquatics products are written in plain language but the company is always available to answer consumer questions. All products are lot numbered for quality control and customer service.

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