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2008 SouthWestern Coral Farmers Market

  • Marine Depot
  • Feb 21, 2008

Scott, a member of our purchasing team (and one of our bloggers), sent me a link this morning to the SouthWestern Coral Farmers Market. They have an event this Sunday, February 24th, 2008 that I thought I’d share with you since 1/3 of the visitors to our blog are from California. The following text is from their website:

This 2008 Coral Farmers Market sanctioned event is the third annual event run by the SouthWestern Coral Farmers Market company. We now have confirmed reservations for 33 coral farming and exhibiting vendors who will be selling or displaying their captive grown, cultured corals or reef related products to the public. This is scheduled to be the largest Coral Farmers Market event to date. This will also be one of the largest displays of the absolute best exotic captive grown corals ever presented to the buying public. We expect at least 400 total attendees. Some of the best coral farming vendors from Southern California, the states of Utah, Nevada and Arizona along with farmers from the California Bay Area and Sacramento will be setting up coral displays. Farmers include aquarists, retail reef shops, online coral shops and full scale coral farming enterprises. There will also be exhibitors present who will be demonstrating and selling their products. This SW-CFM event will also feature coral auctions, raffles and door prizes throughout the day. Reef aquarists new to the captive reef market can also expect to see a fine collection of easy to keep beginner corals. For the first time in a Coral Farmers Market event we will also have a Marine Fish Hatchery company exhibiting and selling captive bred marine fish. Aquarists and enthusiasts can attend this one-day event by purchasing a SouthWestern Coral Farmers Market day ticket online for ($25). Tickets will also be sold at the door ($30) during the day of the event, but may be limited by occupancy restrictions. We are also encouraging our farmers to bring plenty of farmed soft corals along with their usual excellent farmed stony corals.

For more information, visit the SW-CFM website.

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