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Best New Products from the Global Pet Expo

  • Jeff Johnston
  • Mar 6, 2008

The Hydor Koralias have changed the way pe
ople think about water flow and powerheads. Now, Hydor has improved upon the previous design and is introducing a wavemaker with wavemaker-compatible powerheads. These new pumps run on only 12 volts and, with the controller, can produce waves with varying speeds and durations. Yup, you heard right. You’ll be able to control the speed setting and duration of each pump independently to alternate and synchronous flows to suit your tank’s needs. The controllers are feature-rich, with a feeding mode and an automatic or manual low-flow night mode.

long-awiated product that will hit the market within the next 90-days is the Polario from TAAM. The controllable Polario pump is perfect for large tanks that require a ton of flow (alternating flow rates up to 10,000 gallons/40,000 liters!). With a single pump unit you can create multi-directional flow. Varied flow rates from alternating output creates ocean-like currents. Low-voltage, safe-self shut off (when removed from water) and a magnet mount round out why the Polario is high on our wish lists.

The Cardiff:
designer good-looks at a price the average aquarist can afford. Building upon the success of the Solana, Current USA’s latest creation is arguably the most stunning nano aquarium to hit the market in a long time. Similar in size and capacity to its forefather but with a personality all its own, the Cardiff features an elegant bull nose-shaped front that makes viewing life in the tank a pleasure. Bow fronts are becoming the norm for nano aquariums, but the sleek, seamless bull nose design is a new twist in the growing world of nano reefs. Includes built-in filtration and circulation, too!

Tired of scraping algae f
rom the front of your aquarium? The Mag-Float may be your answer. On one side, a basic algae cleaner; the other, a scraper. But wait! I don’t want to stick my hands in the tank to change the cleaner over. No problemo: just flip the outer (dry side) of the magnet and the inner (wet side) follows along. Voila! Both the cleaner pad and scraper are replaceable as well, so this algae cleaner should last a very long time.

Fans of nano reefing rejoice! A small solution for a big problem, the NanoMag is a magne
t cleaner for budget reefkeepers. It seems most cleaning magnets on the market these days are made for big to ridiculously gigantic tanks. Unfortunately, these larger magnets can take up precious real estate in a small aquarium and obscure your view. The Two Little Fishies NanoMag floats and will easily slip between coral polyps because of its small size. The circular outer half is soft with a comfortable grip and the inner half is square—1” x 1”—and only ¼” thick.

While metal halide lamps are great for your corals, the bulbs can also adversely affect the temperature of your aquarium due to heat produced by the bulbs. JBJ has solved this problem by placing a small fan on the arm of their extremely powerful Viper light. The K-2 Viper Deluxe’s new design
incorporates a larger reflector for more light output, two LEDs integrated inside one of the arms (with their own power supply), and a two-speed high velocity fan. The fan can be set to a low setting with 105 CFM rating or high setting with 163 CFM setting. The K-2 Viper Deluxe will be available in 150-watt and 250-watt versions.

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