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The Mating Game

  • Marine Depot
  • Apr 28, 2008

We have a pair of 8-year-old Darwin (black and white) Ocellaris Clownfish in the company’s main display tank that lay eggs every couple of weeks or so.

I’ve been with the company just over a year now, and they spawn like clockwork.

The male has very little orange coloring and the female has none, so their offspring may be very unique.

A couple of our staffers reached out to Bluewater Aquaculture to see if they were interested in raising the hatchlings, since we’re not equipped to do so here in the office.

The first batch off eggs they took to their facilities were laid on the side of a clam. Unfortunately, they did not have the best luck harvesting them.

Bluewater recommended putting a piece of tile in the display tank so the clowns would opt for it instead of the clam. At 5 PM last Saturday, they did just that.

If you’re wondering why I’m only giving a roundabout explanation of all the goings-on, it’s because this whole process is documented on Bluewater Aquaculture’s own blog.

I’ve included some photos that Steve, head of our livestock division (MarineDepotLive.com), shot last week.


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