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New this Week, 9/15/08

  • Marine Depot
  • Sep 17, 2008

Tunze Turbelle® Stream 2 Controllable Pump (New Generation with Titanium Alloy Shaft) – Models 6105, 6205, 6305

The Turbelle® stream 6105, 6205 and 6305 pumps have been fitted with electronic speed controllers running on safety extra-low voltage. They are ideal for wave or tide simulation in every aquarium, and contain a new “intelligent” micro-processor controlled motor. As a standard feature, Turbelle® stream® is supplied with a magnetic holder, which enables uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium pane from 19 mm (.74 in.) to 25 mm (.98 in.).

Two Little Fishies ReBorn Coarse Aragonite Calcium Reactor Media – 8.8lbs or 44lbs
Reborn™ coarse aragonite media for calcium reactors, composed of fossil skeletons of reef building corals sustainab
ly harvested from pristine sites in the Western Pacific. When dissolved, ReBorn replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity, strontium and trace elements. The coarse size of ReBorn allows for unrestricted water flow and easy diffusion of carbon dioxide, for maximum efficiency and easy maintenance of the calcium reactor. ReBorn dissolves completely and will not turn to mush!

Midwestern Aquatics Epoxonite Coral Frag Plugs – 25 per bag
Patent-pending epoxonite material is extremely crack resistant and will not crumble over time. The Carib-Sea Aragonite Top has a small diameter, perfect for fast coral over
growth. The plug also fits perfectly in live rock crevices or egg crates and includes a time-saving “glue pit” for maximum coral adhesion. Perfect for professionals and novices alike, Midwestern Aquatics Epoxonite Coral Frag Plugs will not affect tank pH, are priced affordably and include 25 per bag.

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