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New this Week, 11/4/09

  • Marine Depot
  • Nov 4, 2009

Vertex Alpha 170 Internal Cone Protein Skimmer
This is the Protein Skimmer you have been waiting for. The revolutionary conical body paired with the refinement of the Red Dragon pump creates a potent combination of exceptional waste extraction, whisper quiet operation and low-impact energy conse
rvation. The precision construction from the highest quality materials coalesces together in a form that is both durable and being feature-rich. These meticulous attentions to design result in an execution that is conclusively untouchable. Owing to its full-body conical reaction chamber, the Vertex™ Alpha Kone eclipses all the traditional conditions of conventional protein skimming. By allowing the foam mass to accumulate in a gently sloping transition zone, protein extraction is remarkably increased.

AquaEuroUSA Classic 135 Protein Skimmer w/ Needle Wheel Pump and Bubble Plate
AquaEuroUSA’s Protein Skimmers are popular among aquarists due their superior craftmanship, body design, performance and aff
ordability. Rated for aquariums up to 135 gallons, the AquaEuroUSA Classic 135 Protein Skimmer features high-grade acrylic construction, high-quality needle wheel pumps and a 2″ diamater chamber. This efficient, durable and reliable skimmer has a footprint of 11.4″ x 8.9″, easy water height adjustment and a low noise design. Available now from MarineDepot.com for only $199.99 with free shipping.

Deltec External Protein Skimmer TC Series
Deltec’s innovative new TC (twin chamber) range of external protein skimmers feature Deltec’s brand-new high-performance pump and class-leading energy-to-air ratio (E-T-A). Choose fro
m four high-end skimmers ($1349.99 to $3399.99) rated for aquariums from 375 to 1060 gallons. The new products have an E-T-A Ratio of around 60-to-1 and can produce 1500 lts of air per hour whilst using only 25W of power. Compare this with the current Deltec modified Eheim pumps, (already renowned for their performance), which only produce 600 lts of air for 36W of power and you will understand why we are so excited. The TC name describes the special Twin Chamber design of the bubble chamber which is patented and has the benefit of pressurizing the pumps for higher performance and ensures that only unskimmed water passes through he pump rather than reskimming and reprocessing water in the chamber.

Deltec Internal Protein Skimmer SC Series
Deltec’s innovative new SC (single chamber) range of in-sump skimmers feature Deltec’s brand-new high-performance pump and class-leading energy-to-air ratio (E-T-A). Choose from four high-end skimmers ($1349.99 to $3399.99) rated for aquariums from 375 to 1060 gallons. The new bubble plate design allows the height of the skimmers to be reduced compared with the current range to allow them to fit in a greater number of installations and cabinets. The air-to-water ratio is so high that there is almost immediate reaction with waste. Therefore there is no need for the tall reaction chambers found on some low air skimmers (thus keeping the units compact).

Polyp Lab ONE Calcium Supplement 500ml
One is a revolutionary calcium supplement for reef aquariums containing balanced levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. It is a complete calcium system in a single bottle. Tradition
al calcium supplementation methods such as calcium reactors and two-part systems can be confusing and troublesome. Additionally, they often require extra steps to correct ionic imbalances. One was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Every addition made with One ensures balanced levels without building up any unwanted residual ions.

JBJ Macro-Glo Replacement CF 6400K Lamp
Available in 15-watt ($11.99) and 25-watt ($12.99) 6400K models, these lamps by JBJ are replacements bulbs for their
Macro-Glo Adjustable Refugium Light ($39.99 to $49.99).

JBJ Nano Cube Replacement Remote Ballast
If you own a
JBJ 12- or 24-Gallon Nano Cube Aquarium, you may at some point need to replace your ballast. Never fear, MarineDepot.com is here. We’ve got both models in-stock and ready to ship ($45.99 to $59.99 each).

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