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New this Week, 12/1/09

  • Marine Depot
  • Dec 1, 2009
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JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube LED Aquarium w/ FREE MTS-60 Stand
The latest addition to JBJ’s arsenal of nano cube aquariums is a 28-gallon model featuring high-intensity LED illumination. These LEDs combine the power of metal halides with the broad coverage of T5s in bulbs that last 10 times as long. LEDs require less energy, run cool and create a beautiful likelike shimmer effect in the aquarium environment. This system also includes integrated cooling components in the hood, 3-stage filtration in back, wavemaker, moon lights and free stand.

Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer
The C-Skim 1800 replaces the 1200 in Red Sea’s C-Skim series of protein skimmers and boasts improvements in performance, user-friendliness and affordability. Highlights include a PSK air injector (200 GPH), integrated neck-washing system, FoamView™ skim adjustment window and efficient skim reactor. The unit can stand alone or be positioned inside a sump. The conical top of the skimming chamber concentrates the air/water mixture, forcing it up into the neck of the collection cup where it slowly transforms into dry concentrated organics-laden foam.

ReeFlo Snapper 18
The Reeflo Snapper 18 combines the pressure of a magnetic drive pump with the quiet flow and efficiency of a Reeflo low speed. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, the Reeflo Snapper 18 offers minimal heat transfer, 8-foot cord & plug, low wattage operation and a fan-cooled motor. Max flow rate is 2300 GPH.

Eshopps Float Valve Auto-Top
This Float Valve can be either hung on the side of a sump or attach through a drilled hole in the side of your sump. The hand crafted acrylic hang-on frame allows for easy adjustment of the water level. The small compact float valve allows you to place it in tight locations. Comes with 7ft of 1/4” tubing.

Eshopps Coral Frag Mounts (Various)
Eshopps offers a variety of coral frag holders to place your newly propaga
ted corals. Choose from black medium-sized corner units, large transparent rectangle-shaped racks and the frag cave, a reef-safe live rock lookalike that includes 12 matching removable coral plugs.

Vertex Alpha 200 Internal Cone Protein Skimmer
This is the Protein Skimmer you have been waiting for. The revolutionary conical body paired with the refinement of the Red Dragon pump creates a potent combination of exceptional waste extraction, whisper quiet operation and low-impact energy conservation. The precision construction from the highest quality mate
rials coalesces together in a form that is both durable and being feature-rich. These meticulous attentions to design result in an execution that is conclusively untouchable.

Microbe-Lift Special Blend Supplement
Microbe-Lift Special Blend Supplement is a complete eco-system in a bottle suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications. The reef-safe formula treats a 30-gallon aquarium for up to 16 weeks and a 65-gallon tank up to 62 weeks. Special Blend dramatically reduces the need for water changes and cleaning, degrades waste, stimulates plant growth, helps cycle
new tanks, removes odors, clears cloudy water, lowers ammonia, reduces nitrates, breaks down protein foam and more.

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