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New this Week, 2/24/10

  • Marine Depot
  • Feb 24, 2010
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Sicce Professional Protein Skimmer Pumps
SICCE is the epitome of high technology for pumps for aquariums, hydroponics, fountains and garden ponds. Since 1974 the company has made innovative research its philosophy for global market presence. A constant stimulus to develop and improve its products has permitted SICCE to confirm its extremely high quality standards all over the world, thanks to its ability and experience in designing and developing its own technology. Choose from 3 models ($89.99 to $99.99) ranging from 661 to 2500GPH.

Wave Point T5 HO Lighting Systems
Wave Point Technology is an advanced aquarium lighting system featuring 14X amplifying paradynamic reflectors, dual-sealed moisture-resistant componentry, premium UL listed GFCI plugs, easy on/off switches, ultra-silent operation and energy efficient operation. Each fixture features two (2) Sun Wave Lamps and two (2) Blue Wave Lamps. We have three new fixtures from the product line now in stock available for purchase.: a 24″ 48-watt (2x24W), a 36″ 78-watt (2x39W) and 48″ (2x54W). Wave Point T5 HO Lighting Systems range from $154.99 to $349.99. All models $175 & up ship for free.

AquaticLife T5 HO Freshwater Light Fixtures w/ Lunar LEDs
AquaticLife’s T5 HO light fixtures offer natural white 6000K and roseate lamps and lunar lights all in one streamlined unit. Roseate Lamps are ideal for live plants because the light closely matches the chlorophyll absorption peak in the red spectrum. This enhances plant growth, especially when used with 6,000K lamps. A built-in timer controls the T5 HO fluorescent lamps and lunar LEDs independently. Adjustable width aquarium frame mounts support the fixtures above your aquarium. The gloss finish front side compliments the matte finish on top and ends of the fixture. A German-made specially angled reflector maximizes light by directing right it into the aquarium. Suspension ports allow connection to optional cables for additional mounting configurations. Choose from three (3) fixtures: 24″ 4x24W T5 HO fixture w/ 2 Lunar LEDs ($239.99), 36″ 4x39W T5 HO fixture w/ 4 Lunar LEDs ($279.99) and a 48″ 4x54W T5 HO fixture w/ 4 Lunar LEDs ($329.99). All models include free shipping.

150 GPD Flow Restrictor
Flow restrictor for 150 GPD (gallons per day) membranes—perfect for replacements or when upgrading to a higher GPD membrane.

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