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New this Week, 3/8/10

  • Marine Depot
  • Mar 8, 2010
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Digital Aquatics RKM-Net Network Interface Module
Get alerts to your email, cell phone or PDA. Current system data and channel status over the internet gives you real-time information about what’s going on in your system. Get ongoing status on your system via RSS feed from the NET module. With 2000 data points per entry and 1 minute to 4 hour resolution, the NET can log from 33 hours to almost a year. You can also set the resolution uniquely for each of the 16 items logged, giving you real flexibility. Digital Aquatics has We included dynamic Flash graphs with NET to give you the ultimate viewing experience. You can scroll back and forth, zoom in and out, see an overview or just an individual data point; all over the internet from anywhere in the world. You can also export your logged data to a .csv file to log, plot or just view in any other graphing program you have. Only $119.99.

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite Controller w/ Net
The ReefKeeper Lite is a powerful and cost effective aquarium control system. It gives you the ability to create a control system that’s as unique as your tank. Whether you’re looking for a variety of programmable outlets or need to monitor multiple parameters, the ReefKeeper Lite can be configured to your specifications. Enjoy pH control, temperature control, ORP control, salinity control, auto top-offs and program your pumps/wavemaker. Only $379.99 + free shipping.

Digital Aquatics PC1 Power Controller Module
The PC1 is useful for controlling high current devices like chillers and large lighting fixtures. The PC1 can supply up to 15A (10A inductive) to one or more devices. The PC1 is plugged directly into the ReefKeeper system bus and addressed as any other module with an “Output”. The PC1 also integrates 3 Virtual Channels (VC) that are available to the entire system. They are very useful when working with complex programs on the ReefKeeper system. The PC1 is pluged directly into a wall outlet. A screw is provided to mount the module to the outlet for secrutiy and to insure it will come lose. The PC1 also has upgradeable firmware so you can take advantage of our developing feature set; and firmware updates are always free! Recommendations: chillers (over 1/2 horse power), MH (600+ Watts), heating (or any) systems over 600 Watts. Only $59.99.

Digital Aquatics RKM-SW5 Switch 5
With four switch input ports you can add another level of automation to your tank/system. Add float switches, leak detectors, ATO systems and much more! Never apply power to the switch inputs. They are designed to simply be shorted together by a contact switch. That is all that’s needed to trigger an event. Program like an output on the PC4 the relay port will turn on/off a device like a light switch. This port does NOT power the device but switched the line voltage of an item plugged into the port. The relay port can switch AC or DC power and is ideal for triggering external systems with the ReefKeeper. It’s another great automation feature for your tank. Only $69.99.

Digital Aquatics RKM-HUB Bus System
The HUB has 5 bus ports for easy expansion when the traditional daisy chain is not an option. 9VDC input voltage for providing additional power to your system. Specs: LED status indicator, 5 bus connections, power port, measures 1.0″ x 2.25″ x 4.30″, 1 HUB module, 1 3′ bus cable and 2 mounting screws. Only $29.99.

AlgaGen PhycoPure Phytoplankton 16oz Food
PhycoPure: 7-8 spp blend of microalgae plus zooxanthellae. Particle size ranges from 2-20um. Spp include nanno, micromonas, pavlova, chatoceros, thallassiosira, tetraselmis, T.isochrysis, rhodomonas, and zooxanthellae clade A and/or B. These sp. came from tropical reef ecosystems and/or successful aquaculture operations. It is produced in natural seawater that has been treated with ozone/uv/ charcoal. Package does contain nutrients (N and P) but not enough to impact ones’ tank when fed according to directions. Shelf life is 3 months but has stayed live for up to 7 months in our lab. The sp profile shifts over time to the more aggressive spp which is why we advertise 3 months-refrigerated. Blends are produced weekly to ensure freshness and quality. Only $29.99.

AlgaGen Reefpods Copepods 8oz Food
ReefPods (Copepods) Tisbe spp (small but visible). Approx 100-200 in a bag, 2-3 wk shelf at room temps. Great detritivores, and food source, a natural food for many organisms including seahorses and mandarins. They are ideal to start seeding your refugium or when preparing to add a pod-eater such as mandarin gobies, scooter blennies, pipefish and seahorses. The copepods are shipped in high quality live phytoplankton – convenient for starting a culture for your tank. ***These are LIVE PODS. They can handle temperatures in the upper 40’s to low 90’s during shipping without much problem. You may want to choose a faster shipping method if seasonal temperatures in your area are outside this range. Only $13.99.

Ecoxotic EcoCham Cleaning Cloth
The best aquarium cleaning tool you’ll ever use! The EcoCham is not a cloth towel or leather chamois, but a super absorbent cleaning cloth every aquarist should use. Let’s face it, green cleaning isn’t something you think about when your rushing to soak up a spill or clean smudges off your aquarium. Often times, we pick up an old towel or grab a roll of paper towels and some spray cleaner. The reality is, each time you use a paper towel or chemical cleaning product, you’re creating paper and chemical waste. Not very eco or fish friendly. Now, there’s a better way! EcoCham is the answer… and you’ll never use another chemical cleaner or paper towel around your aquarium again! Simply rinse and keep moist in it’s protective case after each use, now that’s simple. Only $7.99.

Mr. Aqua Rectangle Frameless Glass Aquarium Fish Tanks
Two new sizes just arrived: 10″ x 10″ x 12″ and 24″ x 12″ x 14.4″. Mr. Aqua aquariums are produced using high clarity glass with thicknesses ranging between 5mm to 10mm depending on the size. By eliminating the plastic frame that surrounds typical aquarium systems, the Mr. Aqua aquarium provides a clean and clear view of your aquatic life. Normally the plastic frame is used to support and keep the glass from bending under pressure in standard quality aquariums. Mr. Aqua utilizes a thicker glass for increased rigidity with a specially formulated silicone manufactured in Germany that bonds the glass together with extreme strength while being safe for your fish and aquatic life. Each glass aquarium is meticulously assembled with straight and true beveled cut glass and a fine application of high strength silicone, making the Mr Aqua aquarium not only watertight and rigid but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Mr. Aqua offers a wide ranges of sizes to accommodate any aquatic layout, providing a zero compromise solution for your aquatic layout. $33.29 & up.

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