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New this Week, 1/11/11

  • Marine Depot
  • Jan 11, 2011
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Tunze Wavecontroller 7092
The new Wavecontroller 7092 fitted with a membrane keyboard is a control unit for all Turbelle pumps with electronic motors. It is the perfect synthesis between Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 6091, and thus can synchronously or reciprocally control two Turbelle pumps. Key features include wave simulation by setting the two pump outputs to maximum and minimum values as well as the pulse time, oscillating flow for the direct or reciprocal operation of Nano Wavebox / Wavebox and oscillating flow with Turbelle pumps. $74.86 each.

Hydor Performer Protein Skimmers
The recently redesigned Performer Protein Skimmer series from Hydor is designed to accommodate aquariums under 150 gallons up to 1100 gallons. The new and improved Hydor Performer Skimmer is elegant, easy to use and is built from high precision CNC machined parts made with top quality materials for versatile applications in marine and reef aquariums. Each skimmer is a complete package that includes a foaming pump, a venturi silencer and a special drainage system. The pump is equipped with a new lubrication system and innovative Rotormix brush impeller. 6 models available, $268.99 to $943.99 each (includes free shipping).

Hydor Koralia Nano/Slim-Skim Internal Protein Skimmer
The Hydor Slim-Skim and Slim-Skim Nano Internal Protein Skimmers were developed for nano and mini reef aquarium use. The nano model is rated for aquariums up to 35 gallons while the slim accommodates tanks up to 65 gallons. Both are compact and easy to position with magnet suction cup support. Both include a special grid for surface water intake, multi-venturi impeller technology, low power consumption, adjustable air control and foaming level. $104.99 to $136.99 each.

Two Little Fishes NPX Bioplastics Reactors with Media
NPX BioPlastics are pelletized biodegradable polymers that provide a time-released source of food for bacteria that assimilate nitrate and phosphate. As bacteria develop on the pellet surfaces, excess growth sloughs off due to the tumbling in a fluidized filter, and these bacteria can be removed with a protein skimmer or serve as planktonic food for filter-feeding invertebrates such as corals, clams, and sponges. Anaerobic zones also develop within the pellets, thus promoting denitrification there. Why bother with dosing Vodka daily when you can just use NPX BioPlastics and let the bacteria work for you? $61.99 to $111.99 each.

Mr. Aqua 7.5 Gallon Frameless Low-Iron Glass Aquarium
Measuring 12″ x 12″ x 12″, this new Mr. Aqua low-iron aquarium features high-clarity glass with thicknesses ranging between 5mm to 10mm. By eliminating the plastic frame that surrounds typical aquarium systems, Mr. Aqua aquariums provide a clean and ultra clear view of your aquatic life. Normally the plastic frame is used to support and keep the glass from bending under pressure in standard quality aquariums. Mr. Aqua utilizes a thicker glass for increased rigidity with a specially formulated silicone manufactured in Germany that bonds the glass together with extreme strength while being safe for your fish and aquatic life. $99.99 each.

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