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Elos Osmocontroller Digital: Q&A with Jesse Sira

  • Marine Depot
  • Mar 21, 2011

For aquarium hobbyists who have never heard of an osmocontroller, can you explain what the benefits are?

Elos Osmocontroller Digital is designed to safely automate the topping off of your aquarium. It is most often used in systems with sumps, but can also be used in any freshwater or marine system that will need the inevitable refill throughout the day. While there are many choices of auto top off (ATO) units, the Elos Osmocontroller Digital unit features our patent-pending probe, an easy-to-read main unit, a powerful, replaceable pump along with a number of fail-safe provisions that make it a truly innovative ATO.

What improvements has Elos made to their osmocontrollers?
Even before the
Osmocontroller II, Elos had done, as many have and still are doing, using a series of mechanical switchessensors—a float switch, pressure switches, optical sensors, etc.—to provide some redundancy to prevent overfilling. With the Osmocontroller II, we went away from this concept by using only one float switch in combination with a small microprocessor that would monitor and control the top offs. By doing this we greatly improved on the weakest link in any top-off system and that is switches/sensors that are in contact with the water are the most susceptible to wear and tear and failure. This alone made the Osmocontroller II a fantastic improvement over what was and is currently available.

Now, with the Osmcontroller Digital, we have further improved upon this by implementing our new sensor that has no moving parts and is again controlled/monitored by an improved microprocessor with a greatly improved visual interface that was missing in the Osmocontroller II. In short, the new osmocontroller digital now has a sensor that does not have moving parts, has a microprocessor to control and monitor precise top-offs, as well as having a very easy interface to check the system status and a convenient manual button used for manual top-off or filling other containers, if needed.

What equipment/accessories can hobbyists expect to see when they open the box? Are instructions included?
The box includes an Elos warranty card, instructions, the main unit, pump, sensor (USB connection to the main unit), a universal power supply, power cord, a mounting bracket for the sensor along with wire ties and a double-sided adhesive to mount the main unit.

How much does the Elos Osmocontroller Digital cost?
The new unit is availble at
MarineDepot.com for $195.99 with free shipping.

What is Elos working on now? Can you give us any hint of what’s to come?
There are a lot of new things. In the near future you will see the new SpectraChrome 20k and 14K bulb with more blue spectrum specifically made for the US customers. There will also be a few new LED lighting options from Elos in the coming months.

If you’d like to learn more about the Elos Osmocontroller Digital, visit our website or the Elos USA blog.

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