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Product Installation: Kent Marine Float Valve

  • Marine Depot
  • Apr 11, 2011

Kent Marine Float Valve
Marine Depot Item Code: KM1675

Package Contents Include:
  • Float valve
  • Food grade white neoprene gasket
  • Black nut
  • Jaco fittings
  • Instructions

Construction: All ABS black high density plastic
Tools required: Drill, drill bit up to 5/8″, adjustable wrench and teflon tape
Installation time: <5 minutes
Water container: Brute trash can with wheels used in this installation, or any food grade safe water container. Do not use recycled containers as they leach chemicals into the water.
What I added: JG Speedfit valve so I could disconnect, roll away and store my Brute container when not in use.

Kent Marine Float Valve (KM1675)
Drilling the 5/8″ hole with a smaller drill bit
White gasket goes on the inside of the container
Installed float valve from the inside
Jaco fitting for 1/4″ RO tubing. I cut the RO tubing to fit a JG 1/4″ Speedfit to 1/4″ Speedfit valve. Your RO unit must have a auto-shut off valve in order for the float valve to work. You can purchase the Kent Marine Float Valve with Shut off Solenoid kit here: KM1651. Alternatively, you can run the RO tubing directly from the Jaco fitting to your RO unit. Also be sure to use teflon tape for the fittings.
A JG 1/4″ male thread to 1/4″ Speedfit valve (Item Code: RO5353) would have been the ideal choice here, but with a spare valve on hand, this setup worked fine for me. The JG valve allows me to close the valve, disconnect the RO line and roll my Brute container to storage when not in use.
The Kent Marine Float Valve is available with the float only or as a kit with the shut off valve. The float valve is well constructed in black ABS plastic, and is rated at city water pressure. The fittings included are food-grade safe and fit 1/4″ standard RO tubing. The installation process took less than 5 minutes, and required minimal tools. After flooding my floors a couple of times, this item has saved me the hassle of setting timers or having to worry about forgetting to shut off my RO/DI unit.
You may visit the Kent Marine Float Valves here:

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