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New this Week, 4/7/11

  • Marine Depot
  • Apr 7, 2011

Hagen Fluval E-Series Electronic Aquarium Heater
The most technologically advanced heater available today. The Fluval E Series advanced electronic aquarium heater with VueTech technology delivers peace of mind by continuously displaying real-time water temperature. Equipped with an advanced digital microprocessor monitoring system with dual-temperature sensors. The E Series continuously monitors and displays aquarium water temperature, ensuring the well-being of your aquarium inhabitants. Features full electronic construction, LCD display (ºF/ºC), colored display alerts, precise control, safety shut-off, integrated heater guard and mounting bracket. The sought-after E Series are extremely popular and difficult to find in stores. You can own one of these stylish, feature-rich heaters today for $46.99 to $51.49 (50, 100, 200 and 300 Watt models available). You can learn more about these heaters on Hagen’s website.

ViaAqua 300 Watt Quartz Heater
This high quality, break-resistant heater features a quartz glass construction and is easy to install and use. It is fully submersible and includes suction cups so you can secure it to the wall of your glass or acrylic aquarium. You can quickly dial in the temperature and check the reading with the visual indicator. Place one in your fresh or saltwater aquarium today for just $18.99.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Plant CO2 Booster
We’ve been receiving more and more requests from hobbyists requesting freshwater planted tank supplies, so you know we had to oblige! CO2 Booster from API contains simple carbon compounds that slowly release CO2 to your aquarium plants after dosing. Carbon is essential to plant growth and your plants will easily be able to absorb this solution from the tank water. You can use CO2 Booster by itself or to compliment your existing CO2 system. The easy-to-use formula is dosed once per day and is fish safe and will not alter your tank’s pH. Score an 8oz bottle for $5.49 or buy more and save with a 16oz bottle for just $8.99.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Root Tabs Aquarium Fertilizer
API’s superior plant fertilizer is now available in tablet form. Root Tabs contain key essential nutrients to stimulate lush plant growth. Root Tabs are great for getting newly planted aquatic plants off to a good start and they’ll also keep established plants so healthy they’ll flourish. Root Tabs are rich in iron, promote strong root development and are safe to use with tropical fish in your tank. They should be used in freshwater tanks only and will feed plants for 1 month. A 10-tablet pack of Root Tabs can be yours for only $6.49.

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