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Q&A Video Series #5: How Do I Dose Kalkwasser?

  • Marine Depot
  • May 14, 2013

Seachem Reef Kalkwasser

In this MarineDepot.com video, we’ll answer a question that came from Marcus on our Facebook page. Marcus asked, “How do I dose Kalkwasser in my reef aquarium?”

For those of you who don’t know, Kalkwasser is simply Calcium Hydroxide powder and is intended to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels in reef aquariums.

Kalkwasser is great for hobbyists who do not have a calcium reactor and it is less expensive when compared to two part solutions. In fact, you can even pick this stuff up at your local grocery store and is often labeled “Pickeling Lime.”

In order to dose Kalkwasser you will first need to mix the powder with freshwater and let it dissolve. You will end up with a clear solution and a white sediment on the bottom of your container. You will want to dose the clear solution into your aquarium and simply rinse out the sediment when you have finished dosing the solution.

The typical starting dosage is one teaspoon of kalkwasser per one gallon of freshwater. You can then adjust the concentration as needed based on your aquariums’ demands for calcium and alkalinity. It will be important to test your pH, Calcium and Alkalinity levels frequently in order to adjust the dosage correctly.

Now, it is very crucial to understand that Kalkwasser must be added very slowly to your aquarium. If dosed too quickly, pH will rise and lead to a disaster in your tank. This is why most hobbyists will utilize an auto-top off, electronic doser, or gravity drip system in order to slowly add Kalkwasser solution and minimize effects on pH levels. The most common and easiest of these methods is to utilize your auto-top off system and just add the kalkwasser powder directly to your freshwater reservoir. If using an electronic dosing system, you might consider dosing only at night as you will run less risk of spiking pH to dangerous levels.

Two Little Fishies KW
Reactor 300 w/ Kalkwasser

When shopping for Kalkwasser you will notice a piece of equipment commonly called a Kalkwasser Reactor or “Kalk-Stirrer.” A kalkwasser reactor is not absolutely necessary in order to dose Kalkwasser but does help increase concentration in your solution and get the most for your money. A Kalkwasser reactor is simply an inline chamber that stirs the Kalkwasser solution automatically ensuring maximum concentration. You can easily connect these reactors inline with your automatic top-off or electronic dosing system.

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