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Track your tank parameters with AquaticLog

  • Marine Depot
  • Feb 14, 2014
With over 3600 saltwater tank profiles already online, AquaticLog is a popular choice for hobbyists to keep track of their tank parameters in the cloud. I was maintaining a little written log of my Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium. A couple of testing solution spills later, my record keeping was illegible. With AquaticLog, I can keep track of parameters since I began testing and currently have over a years worth of data to look at.

Dmitry Tumanov launched the site over 2 years ago. With a background in programming and technology, his vision was to create something flexible and user friendly. “I’ve always been fascinated by aquariums and have considered saltwater to be the ultimate hobby where every year you can face a new set of challenges and learn from it. I’ve met aquarists with 20+ years of experience that are still learning and that fascinates me.” 

AquaticLog allows you to make notes and set reminders for any aquarium task. It has a diary where changes to the aquarium and milestones can be noted. A water change schedule is easy to maintain, as is keeping meticulous notes on dosing and a wide variety of parameters. Other bells and whistles include photo and video uploads, socializing with other aquarist’s and a neat feature that automatically shares the dynamic stats of your aquarium as a forum signature.

AquaticLog is free to use and provides a great way to keep a record of all basic reef keeping data including a seamless integration with EcoTech Radion to show your lighting profile. The timeline feature allows you to see your parameters as a graph and helps to evaluate the health of your tank. This condensed snapshot of the tank is important to determine the steps you need to keep your tank stable. 

As if all these practical features weren’t enough, AquaticLog is also available as a free app for iPhone and Android. Adding statistics is super easy, as is viewing your records. To make it interesting, you earn points every time you update your parameters, a great way to keep you motivated to check your tank. 

Premium membership allows integration with your Apex profile and if you combine that with the forum signature feature, your tank stats are visible and updated to the minute. 

If you are a member of any of the marine forums, you will likely recognize many aquarists on AquaticLog. If you haven’t signed up for a profile yet, what are you waiting for?

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