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Chemi-Pure Blue Review: Blue is the New Black!

  • Marine Depot
  • May 8, 2014

Most hobbyists are familiar with the Chemi-Pure Elite filter media sold in black jars—many of us use it in our reef tanks to keep aquarium water cleaner and clearer. It is extremely convenient and long-lasting compared to standard chemical filter media.

Newly released from Boyd Enterprises is Chemi-Pure Blue. This new Chemi-Pure media is designed specifically for saltwater reef and fish-only aquariums.

In addition to high-grade low-dust pelletized carbon, it also includes premium high-capacity ion-exchange resins (instead of GFO like in Chemi-Pure Elite). This resin mixture does a great job removing dissolved organics, phosphates and silicates. It also raises redox, stabilize pH and removes coppers, metals, odors, medications and dissolved metals.

Natural materials work better in certain applications, like food flavoring or real versus imitation crab. Sometimes, the ‘fake’ stuff works better than ‘real’ stuff—such as synthetic motor oil, wood versus graphite fishing rods—and in this case, synthetic resins versus natural media.

I was surprised to see just how much resin is contained in a single jar! While competing products consist of mostly carbon and a small amount of resin, Chemi-Pure Blue has A TON of resin. Being aware of the high costs of these synthetic resins, I am very glad to see that Boyd formulated this new blend based on effectiveness rather than cost.

The small 5.5 oz jar of Chemi-Pure Blue is rated for aquariums up to 35 gallons, which is perfect for my 34-gallon Solana. There is a larger 11 oz jar for aquariums up to 70 gallons. If your aquarium is larger than 70 gallons, you can simply use multiple jars.

Chemi-Pure Blue has been doing a great job keeping the water in my nano reef aquarium crystal clear for the past few weeks. One bag of media can last up to 4 months (depending on your bio-load and water quality), so it is also economical.

If you are looking for the best, single, all-in-one chemical filter media you can use for your saltwater aquarium, I would seriously recommend giving Chemi-Pure Blue a try!

for those that read my previous blog… yes, I had leftover paint,
so my Solana stand and light hanger both got new paint jobs!

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