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Marine Depot Featured Tank: CAD Lights Artisan 70 Gallon Reef Tank

  • Marine Depot
  • Jun 30, 2015

About 8 months ago, the awesome folks over at CAD Lights donated a 70 gallon Artisan aquarium for our customer support team to set up and maintain here at our corporate headquarters in Garden Grove, CA.

Since then our support team has put together and grown a beautiful reef aquarium. Today we will show you some of the awesome features of these very contemporary CAD Lights Artisan tanks and take you on a personalized tour of the Marine Depot 70 Gallon Artisan Tank.

We got off the hook in terms of installation because the CAD Lights crew was nice enough to install the tank for us. Out of the box, the tanks require minimal assembly with just a few plumbing parts to install and a couple of really easy tubing connections.

The entire installation was complete within about 30 minutes, which is one of the huge benefits of purchasing a CAD Lights all-in-one aquarium. Everything you need to get the tank operating and moving water is included!

CAD Lights really put some attention into the details of these tanks—hence the name “Artisan.”  Low iron glass, a piano-finish painted stand, quiet overflow system and a glass tank cover make these aquariums really stand out. We also really like the dimensions of the tank. The 70 gallon version measures 36″ x 24″ x 18″, which gives you plenty of room to create a variety of different natural looking aquascapes. Perfect for a reef tank!

We mixed our first batch of saltwater using BrightWell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix. We used dry CaribSea Special GradeReef Sand and CaribSea Life Rock to scape the tank.

We originally intended to test various aquarium light fixtures over the tank in order to get some first-hand experience with all the latest light fixtures on the market. We started with a single EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Pro LED Light just to see how well it could cover a tank of this size. We were impressed with the amount of light coming from such a small fixture, but after adding coral we could see we definitely needed more light so we added a Radion XR30w Gen3 LED Light as well.

A single VorTech MP40 Propeller Pump is used to create flow in the tank and is doing a great job of keeping things moving in the entire aquarium.

We swapped out the original CAD Lights protein skimmer with a VertexOmega 150 which has been performing flawlessly for about 4 months now. Not only does it skim really well, it also operates very quietly.

We have a dual media reactor running both carbon and GFO along with a mechanical filter sponge that is cleaned weekly alongside a 5-10 gallon water change.  The AutoAqua Smart ATO keeps the water level on point and so far has worked great without a single hiccup.

We are dosing the tank manually with ESV B-Ionic 2-Part Calcium & Alkalinity Solution at the rate of about 50mL per day.

All of the livestock was donated by staff members or friends of Marine Depot. The aquarium houses a number of coral frags that our staff members are constantly trading and showing off. We have a Rose Bubble Tip anemone that hosts three Clownfish. The large Red Montipora and Acan colonies were rescued from a local hobbyist’s tank and are each over 5 years old. One of our favorite fish in the tank is the Longnose Hawkfish.

We created a full tank profile with a list of equipment and livestock in the Featured Tank section of our website if you want to dig deeper and find out what’s been working for us.

The CAD Lights Artisan 70 gallon tank has really become hit in the office and we have a lot of fun experimenting and growing corals to share. If you are thinking about starting up a new tank or have questions about any of the products discussed in this blog post and accompanying video, feel free to contact our support team today for honest advice from real hobbyists.

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Until next time… take care and happy reef keeping.

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